Our Capabilities

Full lifecycle realization within our facility for design engineering, additive manufacturing, precision machining and fabrication.


EG3’s core business was built around rapid prototyping utilizing additive technologies to reduce cost and lead time. Our engineering team works to thoroughly assess prototype feasibility and highlights efficiency gains while reducing cost and increasing quality.


Metal Additive

With years of experience in design for additive, EG3 has utilizes Siemens PLM, Netfabb, nTopology and the GE Additive M2 platform to realize our customers most challenging additive builds.


Component Repair

We are making preparations for a FAA approved limited landing gear overhaul repair station. We fully expect to expand this capability to other landing gear components in the coming months.


Engineering & Simulation

EG3 utilizes the best CAD and CAM packages to bring practical solutions to customers utilizing FEA, Topology Optimization, Motion Studies, and Heat Transfer Analysis.


Paint & Coatings

Our expertise is based on our ability to precisely apply painted surface finishes to engineered standards, including: CARC (MIL-DTL-53072), Aliphatic Polyurethan (MIL-DTL-53039), Epoxy Coating (MIL-C-22750), Wash Primer (MIL-C-8514C), Primer (MIL-P-53022, MIL-PRF-23377, MIL-PRF-85582)


Electromechanical Systems

With decades of integration experience, EG3 is committed to building world-class automation. We are designers and produces of automation solutions for OEM, Medical and Aerospace clients. From cradle to grave, our team of experts can automate the most challenging workflows.


Contract Manufacturing

EG3 is a turn-key manufacturing company with a history of high quality and timely delivery of precision machined parts and complex assemblies. EG3 has the capability to support high-rate production demands and spare part requirements.


Laser Cutting

Our Amada ENSIS Laser cutter cuts hundreds of materials precisely, accurately, and rapidly. With a capacity to process 60”x120” sheets that are up to ¾” thick, our team is prepared to process small and large quantity orders.


Fabrication & Welding

EG3 offers a full range of precision fabrication to meet stringent customer requirements including AWS certified welders and compliance with MIL-Specifications. EG3 has demonstratable past performance in a variety of metals, including titanium, stainless steel, and Aluminum.


Aircraft Interiors

We are making preparations to provide a FAA repair station which includes a limited airframe rating and we plan to offer aircraft interiors repairs initially and will expand this capability to other airframe items in the future.

Our Facility

Located in Statesville, NC our 20,000 square foot space lies on the Petty GMS campus. Expansion in 2022 includes the addition of a dedicated FAA repair station, metal fabrication services, and MIL-Spec paint applications.

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